NJ Statutory Disability ("TDB")

TDB Claims are for accident or illness unrelated to the job

New Jersey Temporary Disability Benefits ("TDB") is a state disability insurance program designed to provide employees with some level of income replacement in case of disability caused off-the-job.



"TDB" became Law in New Jersey State in 1948.

Waiting Period:

7 days (After 3 consecutive weeks of disability, the 7-day waiting period is compensable)

Period of Disability:

Benefits begin on the 8th day of illness or injury and are paid for a maximum of 26 weeks per disability

Weekly Benefit:

  • Claimants receive 66 ²/3% of their average weekly salary to a maximum weekly benefit determined annually by the New Jersey Department of Labor
  • Maximum benefit in 2019 is $650.00 per week (see state press release)
  • Minimum is as follows: Benefit eligibility criteria that are based on the State minimum hourly wage of $8.85 per hour in 2019. However, the amount of earnings required to establish a base week in order to be eligible for temporary disability benefits under regular criteria will increase to $172.00 in 2019, while the amount of earnings required in those cases in which a claimant has not worked 20 base weeks will stay at $8,600.

Employee Cost:

Employees cannot be asked to contribute more than under the State Plan. For 2019, the contribution rate is 0.17% of the first $34,400 (taxable SUTA wage base) earned in a calendar year. Currently, the maximum contribution amount per employee is capped at $58.48.

Employer Cost:

Balance of cost

Providing Coverage:

State Fund, Private Insurance Carrier, self-insured


All sections must be completed and the claim must be submitted to the Insurance Carrier within 30 days.

Covered Employees

All New Jersey employers covered by the Unemployment Compensation Law are also subject to the Temporary Disability Benefits Law with the exception of certain government entities.

The "Base Year" is the 52 weeks immediately before the week in which the disability began. Only covered wages earned during the base year period can be used in determining a claim.

Out of State Coverage

Where you live has no bearing on whether you can receive disability benefits. The most important eligibility requirement is that you worked for a New Jersey covered employer.

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