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TotalBen can offer you an easy integration solution!

Would you like to attract new clients with a pay-as-you-go worker's comp program that does not require anything more from you than to send us a file each time a client's payroll runs? There is no special data entry or programming of calculated fields required - we do that work.

Are you able to create an email on a per-payroll and per-client basis that contains this data for participating clients? The data should be in the form of a CSV or XLS attachment. See a sample here.

The subject line of the email should be in the form of: fffff Check Listing Pay Date mm/dd/yyyy - xxxxxxxxxxxx, where fffff is the payroll frequency of the specific client (ie: Weekly, Semi-monthly, Bi-weekly, etc.), mm/dd/yyyy is the checkdate and xxxxxxxxxxxx is the name of the client's company. An example would be:
    Weekly Check Listing Pay Date 03/20/09-ACME WIDGETS LLC

The destination email address will be assigned by TotalBen and will be in the form of

The data fields for the attachment can all be found on the check register. They are:

  • Client ID
  • Client Name
  • Check Date
  • Employee Number
  • Employee Name
  • Gross Wages (inlcudes all OT, Tips, etc.)
  • Hourly Rate
  • Regular Hours
  • Overtime Hours
  • Overtime Wages
  • Tips
  • Gender
  • Work State (To be calculated using SUI - what state the unemployment is paid in. For states with no UI, pull workstate in most accurate way possible by your system. For 1099 workers, please indicate 1099 in the workstate.)
  • Workers Comp Code
  • Payroll Number
  • Check Number
  • SUI Taxable Wages

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